ofc the elitism of tertiary education is rooted in the same platonic conceptions of “social order” and “function” and that’s a bad by-product as well. basically, fuck Plato.

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There’s a lot to be said for a society that doesn’t idealise intellectualism as the “highest pursuit” and recognizes that, while you need philosophers and so forth, philosophers also need you. Once we get rid of this neo-Platonist conception of the intellectual as the highest function of the social order maybe we can all get on with doing cool shit.

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The prejudice against the Humanities is only aided by the fantasy of reading great books and sitting around drinking lattes and talking about important ideas, when mostly, depending on discipline, it’s a lot less of that and a lot more of FUCK FUCK I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT 16th CENTURY PROTESTANT ELEGIES and complicated questions about whether or not Durruti was a closet fascist. Which have their own value in terms of all sorts of stuff but once the association between arts student and hipster douchebag is broken forever I’ll be a much happier person.

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most arts students I know are either aspiring public servants of diferent types or business students who got a little bit lost. if we stopped romantacising the humanities thatd be nice and probably get rid of this “arts isn’t a real degree” bullshit I deal with on a daily basis. mostly, I just deal with critical readings on gender roles in books no one has read. #livingthehighlife

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sixteen year olds on tumblr who conflate “studying arts” with “being an artists/writer/creative” are adorable.

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things that need to be said about film culture, while I’m at it: there’s a horrible “trope” now of sexual violence being occasioned either filmicly or metafilmicly (see: the whole torture plot device as metaphor for sex, looking at you Saw and Human Centipede) on Pretty Young Women as punishment for either a) virginity or b) too much sex. I don’t know why this still sells tickets but somehow we’re still cool with rape in fiction so long as “they had it coming”. note how they spend a lot of time in horror movies convincing us that the Pretty Young Woman is in fact a bitch before she gets killed. That’s fucked.

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"rape and revenge" films like the original I Spit On Your Grave strangely get a pass on this, where the camera seems so intent on putting us with the victim during the sequences that it’s traumatic for almost any audience. Irreversible, though, fails.

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see also: the camerawork in Streetcar which works really hard to put us in the position where we’re with Kowalski, assaulting DuBois, through shots where we’re looking the same way as him etc. it’s not until the final shot of the sequence that we’re flipped back into her headspace.

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There’s a whole thesis to be written on focalisation in cinematography and the way that films (often good films) like Girl With The Dragon Tattoo position us, the audience, with perpetrators of sexual violence and how that says a lot about the way creators are more willing to engage with the psyche of a rapist than a survivor, because one’s the one our society has adopted as “normal”

(hint: it’s not the survivor)

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Watched some of the Labour Party conference this morning

£8 minimum wage by 2020 and a 5% pay cut for ministerial positions

don’t get to radical there Labour, jeez.


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been labeled the “drunk poetics savant” because an essay I wrote on sonnets/elegies got an 84 when I was hoping for a 60; class average was 55. small victories, but this whole honours thing is looking up.

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